The Transfer Process


Step 1. The first step in getting your memories transferred over to the digital world is going to our website and filling out the form. Selecting the specific options that you want such as whether or not you’re wanting a menu and chapter selection added onto your DVD, or if you’d like your memories backed up in our secure database should anything every happen and you require a new copy.


Step 2. Once you’ve selected the options that you wish to have for your new DVD, you simply ship them to us safely so that we can begin taking your memories from the VHS format that they’re in to the new DVD digital format they are to become.


Step 3. Once we receive your tapes, they are kept safe and secure within our studio location so that no harm can come to them while they are in our hands. If you so happened to have selected to have your videos to be backed up with our security system, we transfer a copy of them to a separate secure database to save.


Step 4. Now that we have your tapes, we take them into our VHS transferring systems and software to be digitized and converted by our highly experienced and specially trained teams. Once we’re done, we begin to add the extra features you may have selected, with the skills of our extremely talented production teams to give your new DVD the shine and simmer it deserves with all the bells and whistles you asked for.


Step 5. So here we are, the end of the road, your new DVD is completed and ready to be sent back to you. So how do we do it? We carefully package your new disk and old tapes together and send back to you so ensure that everything reaches you in a safe manor. Once it arrives at your home, it’s time for you to enjoy the memories that you made! Now in the awesome DVD format that you can use again and again without the hassle of bringing out the VCR.