Fallen Feather Films is a professional¬†video production company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.¬†People who have used our services will definitely tell you that we are; committed, dedicated, and passionate about everything we do. You can count on the industry trained, and qualified teams of Fallen Feather Films to bring your project to life. Video advertising has become crucial to the success of all businesses and we want to help you, working alongside you every step of the way until you’re satisfied with your project. Together we can succeed and together nothing is impossible.

The passion for great visuals and a love for storytelling is what gave Fallen Feather Films our start. We want to make sure that, that passion, partnered with a love for new and exciting challenges and an eye for detail that allows for nothing short of perfection is passed on to you. Giving you the peace of mind knowing our attention is not focused on how fast we can produce your project but rather how well that project will appear when finished, and passed along to you for whatever your needs may be. Promising you will receive the best experience that we have to offer.

Anyone can say that they are great and that they mean well, anyone can give you the lowest price that you’ve every been quoted. That never means that they do mean well, or that the money you spend is actually worth what you are looking for in the long run. Every penny you spend is valuable and we want to show you we do care and that every penny you do spend is going towards the look and feel that you are looking for. So we invite you to go check out our demo reel and the other projects we’ve done for people just like you to see just what it is that we mean when we say we will give you the best we have to offer.

We all love stories, stories of all kinds. Now its time to tell your story, no matter what that story may be. So lets start talking and create something that will be amazing.

Below are some of the types of videos that we can provide to help you get one more step to success.

Commercials– Commercial videos are the most common kind of video, especially for businesses. You can see these videos doing many things including promoting special events, or a product and of course can be seen just about everywhere that you can think of. Commercial videos, originally popular strictly to TV have more recently been taking over the internet via social media outlets and of course company websites to continue better promoting and driving traffics to their brands. Add that in showing your commercial online saves you money, money you can then continue to invest into your company and your success.

Weddings – Maybe it’s not corporate, but still an important story to tell and share again and again. Reliving that special day of your life with that special someone is something that you will never grow tired of.

What else can you think of?
We shared the two most popular kinds of videos that we do, but let’s face it, there’s so many more out there. Think your project may fall into that category of being different? Give us a call at (920)-345-6751 and lets talk!