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Optical FlaresFallen Feather FilmsEric Martin

This time around Eric talks about how to put an optical flare into your After Effects composition.

Short, sweet and to the point, no need to sit here for 30+ minutes when all you need is one simple answer right? That’s the mindset with our short and simple tutorials, with this particular video we will show you the simple way to add an optical flare and to do so right off that bat you are going to need the Video Co-Pilot optical flares bundle. The link for the optical flares is listed right below!


Optical flares can offer themselves to a wide variety of uses for you and your projects, if you look carefully in many of the industry top trailers, teaser, shows, and other productions you will see optical flares used quite often. With optical flares being so widely used it is important to continuously remember that the optical flares are a tool within your toolbox of goodies that will help take your production to the next level.

In the big picture of things optical flares are typically used for about the same thing no matter what your project may be. If you can find a unique and different way to use them, well then you have something special on your hands that could be sitting you apart from the rest of the industry!

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Remember the industry is always changing, new projects made everyday and new techniques are found along with them! So good luck and happy shooting!

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