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Showing Audio Waveform on TimelineFallen Feather Films – Eric Martin

In this tutorial Eric Martin talks about getting the audio waveform to show up on your timeline while editing your project!

Short, sweet and to the point, no need to sit here for 30+ minutes when all you need is one simple answer right? That’s the mindset with our short and simple tutorials.

We all know that when putting any kind of project together that your video footage is so important. After all it is what your audience is going to be watching for the length of time your project is. So you have got some good visual, the story is great, actors are unbelievable and you have a crew that is textbook perfect, but what does your story sound like? Audio is just as important as the visual in your projects to reinforce to your viewing audience that you mean business. Now along the editing you’ll need to see your audio waveforms to adjust and monitor the levels of your audio to avoid your subjects being simply too loud or not loud enough.

Remember as always that using your audio waveforms is simply one technique in the toolbox of techniques needed to make your project a true success and that simply mastering one of them is only a small step.

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Remember the industry is always changing, new projects made everyday and new techniques are found along with them! So good luck and happy shooting!

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