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Well its been a little while since I have posted a thought or a review about something. Here at Fallen Feather Films our goal is to help you consider software, cameras, lenses, and lighting techniques. Pretty much anything that goes into video production we want to help you out. This industry is a very competitive industry but the only way that you get through the industry is helping each other out. Anyway enough of that.

I have a question for you! Are you looking for a really cool magazine? Are you looking for more camera and lighting techniques? Are you looking for interviews from your favorite cinematographers?

Well take a look at the magazine “American Cinematographer“. In this subscription magazine you will be able to learn about the new cameras that are coming out, read interviews about a movie that you love, lighting techniques, and so much more. You receive a monthly magazine, and is filled with information. Some information that will just blow your mind.

I am not a reader. Actually I hate to read. My mom always said, “The doctors told me, to read to your child at a young age and they will just love to read”. Well I guess the doctors were wrong on this subject. Though this magazine has really kept me wanting to read more about cinematography.

It’s very interesting to learn what the cinematographer used for a lens on a particular movie. The cinematographer will even talk about how they lit the scene. After reading what they used and how they used it, I will go back into my storage room and break out some lights and try to reconstruct the lighting scene. This will really help those who have a passion for cinematography.

So for those who are looking for a good magazine check out the “American Cinematographer”. This magazine should be a good asset to those who are looking for more information to store in their minds and try out new things. The yearly subscription is around $30. What’s also great about the magazine is that they keep to the subject of cinematography and they don’t have ads that are not geared towards the film industry. Don’t you hate when you are reading a magazine and there are so many useless ads that you wonder why that is in there? This is straight to the point and informational. They also have an app that you can download the past issues. Though that is only if you are a subscriber.

Oh and I also should mention at no point was I told to write a review about “American Cinematographer”. This is just friendly post about the awesome magazine. Go check it out!


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